Building Energy and Comfort Optimization Study

The objective is analyze and refine cost-effective opportunities of the design in ebay that optimizes energy, water and efficiency measures; increase environmental sustainability and improve the indoor comfort conditions; achieve the Green Building Design Concept.

The basic principle is to draw on the natural energies first; create a building that statically and dynamically adapts to climatic conditions.

The analyses are based on dynamic building simulations - varying of building input parameters to identify the optimal solutions at early design stage.

EnPlus will provide the following services:

  • Participate in the Integrated Design meetings
  • Perform computer modelling of the Concept Design
  • Submit a report on project methodology, findings and recommendations, all guided by the design team’s original principles and study results
  • Follow through - during the Design Development, Tendering, Construction and Commissioning stages, EnPlus shall quantify impact of any change to the originally accepted scenario.